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Our Founder/ Pastor

Superintendent Carlton Dwayne Stimpson

Greetings and Salutations,
I'm honored to have been given a spiritual assignment from God to serve all humanity. The year was 1979 when I accepted the Call of God as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The journey has been a continuos faith walk and God has truly blessed and endorsed this quest.
I bring a willingness to serve with dignity and in honor as well as with a passion for souls. During these days of darkness and uncertainty, I carry a God Given anointing for the purpose of defeating the antagonistic forces of darkness. I proclaim this as a season of deliverance and manifestation of the power of the Holy Ghost.

Feel welcome to call / text / email or even inbox me on Facebook as I attempt to position myself in a spiritual position to serve all. The Open Door Church of God in Christ is a family oriented church and I encourage you to  come and be a part of this loving and caring Church family. I believe in the power of prayer and the importance of the Word of God. My main objective is to equip Saints in ministry and convert sinners into saints. I pledge my loyalty to the Most High God and the Christian Faith, with the Bible as the almanac of Christianity.
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The Open Door Church of God in Christ was founded by the Elder Carlton Dwayne Stimpson and officially opened on September 17,1992. Elder Stimpson was given the name Open Door while in revival in Shreveport, Lousiana in 1979 and theme scripture as well; "Behold I have set before thee an Open Door which no man shall shut'; Revelations 3:8.
 The church was established in a small house in a high drug / crime activity neighborhood in East Waco. Pastor Stimpson was determined to fulfill the God given mission of working out the Open Door Ministry and his perserverance was rewarded as the church location changed 3 times over the last 23 years and we now worship in a beautiful paid off church facility. To God be the Glory.

The Open Door Ministry Objective:

  • Provide Biblical Enhancement through the teaching and doctrine of the Holy Bible.

  • To Promote and Exhibit the Godly Lifestyle in our dailey lives as we walk the Christian walk of Faith.

  • Prepare and equip Saints for Spiritual Warfare

  • Convert Sinners into Saints

  • Provide Evangelical Outreach & Inreach Ministry.

  • Serve communities and provide humaniterian assistance to all in need

  • Touch every life we come in contact with by sharing a genuine love for all humanity.

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